Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just a quick baby yet, and no signs that it will be soon...

Yesterday, we took Alden to the pool at the Cary Y. It had been a week or two since we had been swimming, and she had a blast. She collected about 6 or 7 different toy animals and had them lined up on the side of the baby pool and was watering them with a watering can. Then, she would lay them all down to go night-night, wait a minute and then set them back up and say "Good morning!" When the lifeguards blow the whistle for break time, she always signs "break" like "broken" and says it is time to eat. We went to the big pool for an hour or so, and she played for a long time on the steps, jumping off the second step to Matt, and actually swimming, making real forward progress in the water by herself. I think she did this at least 25 times, before she slowed down.

Last night, we ventured out to REI to get a new double jogger, which we still aren't sure is THE stroller for us, but we had a coupon for just last night, so we figured we can always take it back. Alden busied herself trying on every pair of kids flip-flops and crocs that they had while Matt looked around. Then, we went to Coldstone for some ice cream.

Alden's newest thing, as of last night is saying "alright" after every phrase she utters. "Going to church...alright", "More juice...alright", "Last book, then night-night...alright". I think we have heard it 50 times just last night and today. She is also referring to her passys by color, and asking for "White" or "Blue" or "Pink"...and she knows which ones are missing when it comes time for nap.

Today we tried a baptist church in Cary, where people were really friendly, but the pastor gave what I like to call a "Google sermon". You know, where they have a topic, like anger, and just read little stories and quotes about anger like he just searched it on the computer. Needless to say, that one is crossed off the list, and we will continue on the church hunt.

After church, we went to Smithfields BBQ, and guess who was there? Clay Aiken. He was sitting outside in the shade with a couple people, not drawing any attention to himself. It was kind of fun to see someone famous, even if it was just an American Idol guy.

Hopefully, I will have a more interesting baby update after our appointment in the morning. Keep praying that Hudson will come soon!


Lillian said...

How cool was it that you saw Clay Aiken at Smithfields? Was that the one in Morrisville or Rocky Mount?

Your little girl is absolutely adorable.


Kathyb said...

There is a great pastor at Genesis United Methodist Church in Cary. He is Craig Ham and his sermons are awesome! Please visit and see what you think.

Alli said...

If you check into you will see the discussion your interesting comment about Clay Aiken has generated. Hee, hee. Thanks for the report.